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Expat author Jake Stamp takes us shopping in Antigua, Guatemala, and rhapsodizes about his experiences in Guatemala. Few cities in Latin America can match the postcard magnificence of Antigua (usually called "Antiguanas") and its postcards. Jake Stempel is a writer and expat from New York City with a passion for travel, food, travel photography and travel writing.

Take a look at the Mayan ruins and wildlife of TikalEs has been praised as the most impressive Mayan site, and a visit to Tikals will not disappoint. The site is home to the largest protected part of the ancient Mayan city and one of Guatemala's most famous tourist attractions. Guatemala has a long and rich history of cultural, religious, cultural and religious diversity.

Mercado Central is also a great place to buy typical Guatemalan goods, similar to the markets mentioned above, but there are a number of other markets in the city, such as the Chiqui Market and the Central Market. Chiquis have food in the evening that you can't find anywhere else, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, and a wide selection of spices and spices. In addition to Mercados Central, Guatemalans like to shop for bargains at 6A Avenida Zona 1.

The top price is probably the highest you will find when shopping in Guatemala, as it is the best price for handmade items you can buy. This does not mean that you will not have the opportunity to buy local crafts and clothing, due to the wide variety of products on display in the markets of Guatemala City.

There are a number of different types of products that you can find when shopping in the markets of Guatemala, but so many that it is difficult to decide what to buy. In the markets of Guatemala City there is a wide selection of handmade items and many different types of clothing and accessories.

If you want to go shopping, visit the villages in the highlands, where the colors and spectacular scenery are nowhere else to be found in Central America. One of the best places to find souvenirs and local handicrafts are the street vendors in Antigua and Panajachel, which are best visited by the street vendors of AntIGua or Panjachel.

The market itself is one of the most colorful in Latin America, and here you will find many of the same handicrafts from Guatemala. Here you can find pretty much everything that is made and sold in Guatemala, although it is much more entertaining and culturally interesting to visit the markets in Antigua, Panajachel or even the city of San Juan de Guadalajara.

Bargaining in the markets of Guatemala is a big part of the Guatemalan shopping culture, and many sellers, especially the market traders, expect you to negotiate with them. You should just look around and make sure you get the best deal, but for this kind of experience, you should pay attention to where the locals are going. Finally, I recommend Puppenstube, a popular food and drink from San Juan de Guadalajara.

It is a little more specialised, while Mercado Central is a huge market that seems to have something to offer from everything from food to handicrafts. It is also the only restaurant in the city that offers old staples that are set to be revived here in Guatemala. Drop Chichicastenango Choose something in the comments below so I can remember the names of your favorite restaurants in San Juan de Guadalajara or any other city in Guatemala!

Chichicastenango is easily accessible from Guatemala City by bus, train, boat or even car and is just a few minutes from the city center. East of Guatemala City is the Oriente Izabal, where you can cruise the idyllic Rio Dulce and explore the spectacular gorges.

This traditional festival is a highlight of any trip to Guatemala and offers a real insight into the culture. The markets on Thursday and Sunday of Chichicastenango Guatemala are characterized by the rich smells that permeate the air. It is a classic route that is meant to give you a taste of everything Guatemala has to offer.

While there are more modern shops in Guatemala City selling everything from toiletries to expensive crystals, it is the local artisan and artisan items that attract the most buyers. Antigua has traditional crafts such as ceramics, jewelry and even traditional clothing and jewelry.

You have the opportunity to buy many beautiful things that offer an insight into the country's enduring Mayan culture. From the markets of Guatemala, the countryside is home to some of the most beautiful and historic sites in the world, such as Antigua, Guatemala City and the National Museum of Guatemala.

Flights from London to Guatemala City are available via BA, Aeromexico, Delta and United, and include one or two stopovers. There are no passenger trains in Guatemala, but boats depart from Belize every day. If you are visiting Guatemala as part of a larger Central American trip, land and boat crossings are a great way to experience more of the region.

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