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Hilton today announced the addition of the Adra Hostel to its hotel portfolio in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Located in the historic city of Guadalajara, just a few blocks from the city centre, the hostel adra offers a friendly atmosphere and a unique blend of modern, modern and modern amenities, with an emphasis on comfort, convenience and convenience.

You can admire some of Guatemala's most amazing natural landscapes, with rooms with guaranteed views of volcanoes and lakes. Here you will also find some really cool accommodation, such as the beautiful beach where you can relax in the shade of a tree or on the beach with a glass of wine or beer. This is especially good in countries like Cuba, but we can forget the many great places we visited in Guatemala City, Guatemala's capital and one of our most popular tourist destinations.

There is, frankly, no better way to see Guatemala than to experience both the historical and modern sides of the country. Although there is a lot to discover in Guatemala, you have to stay somewhere to do it.

Flights from London to Guatemala City are available via BA, Aeromexico, Delta and United, and include one or two stopovers. The journey costs 15pp and the shuttle bus is organised through one of the kiosks at the airport. Book your transfer with Adrenalina Tours or Transport Guatemala and your trip starts at 19: 00 on the day of your trip.

If you want to see Guatemala's version of Disney World, visit the well-run Xocomil Xetulul theme park and stay on the street or stay at the excellent Hostal Palajunoj, where you can choose to change the surroundings. El Retiro Lodge is a thatched hut perched on a river in the Guatemalan countryside, offering you the opportunity to experience a whole new way of life.

The rooms here, however, have a magnificent view of the river, the mountains and even the city of Guatemala itself, with a view all the way to Guatemala City.

Although not technically located on Flores Island, Las Laguna Boutique Hotel is relatively close by and provides an excellent base for Tikal. This hotel is ideal for leisure or business trips, and Hilton Guatemala City also offers conferences and events. The Hotel Isla Flores is located on an island and has been a perfect resting place before, but it is also a great destination for those who travel to Tikals.

If you are planning to travel to Guatemala, we will be happy to help you plan your trip and we have a wide range of travel options for you. The owners are also very open to sharing their culture and Guatemala travel tips, which makes for a friendly environment. If you want to travel to El Salvador, the bus stop is right outside the door, which makes travel very convenient.

So this is actually the best hotel in Antigua, Guatemala. So if you donate, you can visit the site, have a late breakfast and then go to the hostel. El Hostal also offers shuttles to various locations, making it a good place for a short stay in El Salvador or Guatemala. If you have hostels or hotels in Antigua Guatemala that you would like to add to our list, please email us. To plan your trip, click on the list of the best places to get more information about hotels and other travel options in the area.

There are many options, so this will help you choose a hotel in Antigua. I hope you found this useful and have a look at some of the hotels in Antiguta that Iave has proposed.

You can visit the magnificent ruins of Tikal or explore the jungle with a hotel in a private nature reserve. Or better yet, dodo both: Antigua has a number of hotels for those who want the best of both worlds: luxury hotels in the heart of the city and the natural beauty of Guatemala.

However, if you decide to stay in Guatemala City for a few days, you will need to be very careful when choosing your accommodation as there are some areas of the city that are extremely dangerous. The best places to stay that are considered safe for tourists are Zones 9 and 10.

KAYAK users should stay at the Grand Tikal Futura Hotel when looking for a hotel with views of the Parque Nacional de Guatemala, the city's main tourist attraction. The hotel is also a good place to see the fresh tortillas made of woven Mayan textiles and the beautiful architecture of Guatemala.

This colonial-style hotel is located in Parque Central, one of Guatemala's most popular tourist attractions. If you are looking for somewhere in the middle, there is a good chance of being anywhere in the old town, making Parques Central a prime choice for sightseeing.

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