Guatemala, the country located in the Central America is famous for introducing the world to the gustatory blessing known as “Chocolate” by the people. Chocolate has been named after the Maya word for bitter water “xocoatl”. 


As the country is located in the Central America, it should experience a tropical climate but except a few parts of Guatemala, the rest of the country has to go through a temperature below the freezing point during the winters. On the basis of the climate, the country has been divided into the temperate, tropical and cool zones.

People and Ethnicities

Guatemala has a population of 16,582,469 people and is very much diverse in terms of the various ethnicities such as Mestizo, K'iche', Q'eqchi, Kaqchikel, Mam, Criollo, Garífuna, Afro-Guatemalans, Mulattos, Asians, Chinese, Arabs and Koreans inhabiting the country. 


The most widely spoken languages in Guatemala are the twenty-one Mayan languages apart from Xinca and Garífuna. A smaller portion of the population speaks German, French and English language. 

For The Shopaholics: 

  • Paseo Cayala: The place exists with ample of stores, supermarkets, discos, restaurants and coffee shops. People enjoy walking around this place on weekends. 

  • Plaza Fontabella: The place is spacious and consists of many top notch restaurants, luxurious stores, bookstores and even beauty salons. It has ample of parking space to let you enjoy your visit without worrying about your vehicle. 

Major Attractions 

  • Temple IV: The place is a unique combination of history, adventure and nature. The spectacular view of the jungle while climbing the wooden stairs of this 212-foot historically significant structure is surely worth enjoying. 

  • Acatenango Volcano: It is hard hiking up this volcano but the wondrous scene at the top is worth all your efforts, energy and exhaustion. 

  • Great Plaza: The place has a history to boast of. This place served as the venue for the social and religious ceremonies of Tikal which holds the title of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.