Livingston, Guatemala

Guatemala is a country full of natural riches and tourist sites of great importance for the socio-economic development of the country. Sites like: Antigua, Semuc Champey, Lake Amatitlan, Lake Atitlan, Tikal, San Felipe Castle, Playa Blanca, Chichicastenango Market, Livingston, Zela, Quetzal Biotopodel, Rio Dulce, Monterrico among other sites, are an inexhaustible source of cultural riches that provide your visitors unforgettable experiences. Livingston stands out above all of them for representing one of the best tourist sites in Guatemala for offering its visitors a great variety of Caribbean beaches with crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and a wonderful white sand.

Livingston Beach

Livingston is located in the hydrological basin of Rio Dulce and Rio Sartun. The access for all the people who wish to reach this paradisiacal place is by terrestrial or aquatic means. The terrestrial experience includes the tasting of dishes that are prepared based on fresh seafood from the area while enjoying the Caribbean environment, reggae as traditional music and the purchase of handicrafts characteristic of the place. It offers a variety of tourist attractions such as the seven altars that are located 45 minutes from Livingston arriving by means of selective transport vehicles that bring them to a point where they must walk between fifteen and twenty-five minutes until they reach the seven altars that are not they are another thing that seven pools of calm and clean water that are in a protected area and that are surrounded by an exuberant richness of flora and fauna typical of the area. Playa Blanca is another of the tourist attractions offered by the area, however, this beach is practically private by allowing access only by sea. However, trips are offered for tourists who want to know the white sands. Rio Dulce is a place where you can see endangered species such as manatees. Throughout the river, you can see a huge biological corridor that includes a lush tropical rainforest. The river, as well as its landscape, allows access to one of the main tourist destinations that the area offers, such as Castillo San Felipe.

San Felipe Castle

The Castle of San Felipe is a structure with French military style. It is accessible only by land through a drawbridge. In 2002 the Castle of San Felipe was added to the provisional list of World Heritage of UNESCO. Among its main attractions are the labyrinths of rooms and the old cannons, as well as panoramic views of Lake Izabal and Picnic areas. Livingston also offers a boat tour of the majestic Rio Dulce Canyon, known as one of the best protected natural wonders of the Guatemalan nation, this canyon offers a unique unforgettable adventure tour in which you can see a riverbank with small settlements and settlements that They also offer ecotourism, hiking, scuba diving, as well as cycling and horse riding. Hiking lovers have at their disposal four routes that will make them enjoy the vegetation of the area in eleven kilometers on flat terrain with medium and low difficulties, being able to enjoy this route on its longest route on the banks of the sweet river. Another route includes a four-kilometer route that leads you to the impressive waterfall called Mirador de Félix Rodríguez. The third route allows adventurers to enter the heart of the natural reserve of Rio Dulce. And the fourth route turns out to be exclusive for blind people that are characterized by interpretative elements that allow them to appreciate the natural environment. Livingston as a tourist destination offers a wide variety of options that will make your vacation an experience to share and wish to return.